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Self-Guided UTV Tour

Quick Details

2023 Polaris RZR (4 Seater)
2023 Polaris General (4 seater)
2023 Polaris Ranger (4 Seater)

Self-Guided Tour in Yermo, California: Explore at Your Own Pace

The Tour is awesome for the summer! Nice relaxing evening tours from 7pm to 10pm we will be exploring the hills and just enjoying the view of the Deserts natural landscaping!

This will start when those warm summer days are starting to cool down a bit. When we get close to the towers there, we will do some star gazing up and personally looking through our awesome telescopes this is an amazing experience for everyone! Remember our comfortable SXS safely seat a family of four or four of your very close friends. You will have a blast building memories together with all your family and friends.

What to Bring?

  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Water and snacks