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Calico Mountains ATV Tour

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From :
$ 699

Location: Calico, California

California off roading at its best!

Explore the otherworldly landscape of the Calico Mountains on an exciting self-guided ATV tour! This area of the Mojave Desert is known for its unique and rugged geology, shaped over millennia by natural forces.

After you pick your choice of vehicle from our lineup of Polaris UTV rentals, your excursion begins at the trailhead in Calico, California where you will receive a brief orientation and safety overview. After gearing up with a helmet and goggles, you’ll be shown how to use the GPS navigation. Programmed routes in Polaris’s GPS navigation system, RIDE COMMAND, range from beginner trails to more advanced paths scaling the Calico Peaks.

Follow the GPS turn-by-turn guidance as you traverse desert washes, winding paths and rocky terrain. The programmed routes allow you to take in the barren beauty at your own pace while ensuring you don’t get lost. Stop to take photos of the stark landscapes or keep an eye out for desert dwellers like snakes, lizards and jackrabbits.

Make your way up North Calico Peak for panoramic views over the surrounding area. The GPS-guided tour allows flexibility to customize stops at your discretion. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime chance to venture out into the remote Mojave wilderness!